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From Michel Cartier’s Formal and Informal Groups to Personal and Impersonal Groups for PIP

Reading Michel Cartier’s Les groupes d’intérêts et les collectivités locales (Interest Groups and Local Communities)*, I came across the diagram entitled “A Society Operating by Levels” that distinguishes between:

  • individual and couple (circle representing a human head);
  • informal groups (circle filled by seven human heads);
  • formal groups (circle filled by three groups of four to six human heads interconnected with each other); and
  • society (circle representing a globe).

Michel Cartier 2002

Formal group: “Group of people who demand a better quality of life and operate from the adhesion and participation of its members.”

Informal Group: ” Familiar small group operating face to face”

Michel Cartier, 2002 100

I was particularly struck by the distinction between formal group and informal group. This led me to wonder whether there was a conceptual difference to be made in the Picture of Interpersonal Information Process (PIP) model between formal and informal group or population. (more…)

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