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I Avoid The Word “Privacy” (And You Should Too)

About one obstacle to thinking about our relationships through information

Tablette d'écriture cunéiformeNotion addressed: Information (including personal information) and information technology play multiple growing roles in every aspect of the lives of individuals, groups and societies.

I was planning to write my own reading of the inquiry and recommendations of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada on the management of personal information by Facebook. However, I too often stumbled on the words “privacy” in the documentation of the Commissioner and articles from the media and other commentators. Too often not to publish beforehand this cautionary piece.

Early in my work, I became cautious with the use of the term “privacy“. It has so many different meanings that it becomes a genuine barrier to communication. More importantly, its use has become customary whenever it comes to discussing personal information handling. So much so that it now constitutes a real obstacle to the exercise of thinking specific usages and their social roles and implications. As a result, we also observe technical, social, economical and commercial failures. (more…)

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