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I practice the social assessment of interpersonal information systems since 1982, time at which I participated in the creation of UQAM‘s Groupe de recherche informatique et droit among which I co-authored five books, including the Quebec government commissioned report L’identité piratée (Pirated Identity – SOQUIJ, 1986) on personal information systems in the private sector. This report’s recommendations led to the adoption in 1993 of the first data protection legislation covering the entire private sector in the Americas.

Among many other roles, I was scientific coordinator of the Telehealth Ethics Programme of the Center for Bioethics of the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) from 1997 to 2005.

Up to now my research, consulting and teaching activities brought me to work with more than 600 organizations in fields of activities as various as healthcare, social services, banking, government services, telecommunications, public education, personnel management, research with human subjects, community organizations and commerce.


Today, my activities focus primarily on:

  • theory, practice and teaching on social assessment of interpersonal information systems;
  • the use of the image and visual modelling to help understand how they work and explain them to lay-persons; and
  • democratization of decisions regarding design and deployment of interpersonal information systems.

An overview of my personal program of activities can be found here.

I also write a regular digital lives column (in French) in Journal de Montréal and Journal de Québec as well as in blog entries here on this site.


Professional phone (North America +1) : 5 1 4 – 7 1 6 – 0 9 3 7
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Portrait photo: Jean-François Leblanc, Agence Stock Photo

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