Information“, “Persons“: two words, two realities increasingly intermingled as our computer and communications tools actually support the lives of individuals, groups and societies more and more.

Two words, two realities around which gravitates a professional life dedicated to the social assessment of interpersonal information systems.

Here you will find information, works and reflections on these subjects. Welcome.

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Totalitarian experiences that devastated the twentieth century aimed the abolition of private lives through surveillance and files keeping. To the point that the idea of production and handling of personal information became inseparable from that of invasion of privacy.

Yet, information handlings supporting interpersonal relationships cannot be reduced to this single dimension. Not only is the private portion of our lives concerned, but all their social and public components as well. Not only the right to privacy, but all human rights and freedoms!

Therefore, assessing handlings of personal information requires examining all their roles and all their implications, beyond privacy only.

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