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“Beyond Privacy” Project: Table of Notions

Provisional book cover: Title :

This post is about the “Beyond Privacy” Project: LIVING BETWEEN THE LINES information society through our personal information.

As this is an open work-in-progress book drafting project,

please do not hesitate to comment!

Every input is precious to help improve it.

Table of Notions

General statement:

Personal information items play growing roles

in the lives of individuals, groups and societies

“Information items”:

Information items are physical objects

These objects support knowledge and signals, facilitating their storage through time, communication through space and their handling to produce new information items

An operation performed on information items to produce some new information items (results) can also generate other information elements necessary for its completion and others to describe it

Structured storage of information objects can multiply them

Communication of information items often produces new ones

“Personal information”:

A set of personal information typically describes a relationship between two persons or more

We must distinguish identifiability (how much each described person is recognizable) and identification (the presence or absence of identifiers)

In a described relationship, the level of identifiability of each person may differ

Information items are not reflections of reality, but objects made for a specific purpose

“growing roles”

More and more personal information items are produced

Accumulation of personal information items greatly increases the knowledge about individuals, groups and societies

It takes less and less personal information items about individuals to obtain knowledge or make a decision about them

Personal information objects often become a strategic resource

Personal information objects often become commodities

“lives of individuals, groups and societies”

An increasing number of decisions about individuals, groups and societies are based on personal information items or their by-products

Information processes about persons regulate interpersonal relationships with increasing effectiveness

Rules necessary to carry out processes add themselves to the social norms governing interpersonal relations

Legal norms tend to become less an expression of universal and immutable principles than restricted directives serving transitory objectives

In interpersonal relationships, the weight of information items tends to decrease in regard to the weight of process rules


Related statement:

Personal information items and their handlings are the object or the source of a growing number of conflicts


Conflicts relating to information items may involve any of the numerous dimensions of their production or use

Among available modes of conflict resolution: market mechanisms and democracy

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