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“Beyond Privacy” Project: Credits

Provisional book cover: Title :

This post is about the “Beyond Privacy” Project: LIVING BETWEEN THE LINES information society through our personal information.

As this is an open work-in-progress book drafting project,

please do not hesitate to comment!

Every input is precious to help improve it.

Writing and Illustration

Pierrot Péladeau

First Reading

Pierrette Lavoie


Karine Clément

Anne-Marie Théoret

Valerie Steeves

Andrée Côté

Monique Chartrand

Cynthia Chassigneux

Hélène Bergeron

Alain Bellemare

Icons Libraries

PIP-L (Picture of Interpersonal Information Process – Language) by Caroline Cyr

PICOL (PIctorial COmmunication Language) by Melih Bilgil


Wood types photograph used for book project’s cover: “gothic san serif lower case – FUTURA!” by Kyle Van Horn

Cover of Voyager Golden Disk: courtesy of NASA / JPL – Cal Tech

Hosting of  pierrot-peladeau.net web site 

Michel Dumais

Promotion of the Work-in-Progress 

Robert Ellis Smith, Privacy Journal

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