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Presentation of PIP method at Legal IT Conference, April 26-27, 2010

I just received an invitation to make the following presentation at the Legal IT Conference 4.0 (Law + Information Technology) held in Montreal on April 26 and 27, 2010.

UPDATE #1: Access to that presentation will be open and free. It will take place in the Technology Showcase track, on Monday, April 26th.
UPDATE #2: It will be the second presentation of the 15:15 to 16:30 workshop (time was changed)

UPDATE #3: Text and visuals now online: English Abstract | Full text:  HTML –  PDF

Picture of InterPersonal Information Processes (PIP) for Social, Legal and Ethical Analysis and Communications

Increasingly, the processes supporting the application of a statute or contract are computerized, and even directly self-administered by users. The legal assessment of these processes demands that they be well understood. Unfortunately, the documentation provides by information systems designers often provide a poor image of who are the actors involved and how they interact through a system. Various conflicts arise simply from differing perceptions on the working of an interpersonal information system (IPIS). Moreover, there is the challenge of how to properly explain them and their legal implications to citizens that self-administer them as in Canada 48% of adults can hardy read any lengthy text or are not familiar with information technologies.

This workshop will illustrate the interest of the visualization method Picture of Interpersonal Information Process (PIP) to facilitate:

a) analysis, assessment and management of the legal and ethical implications of interpersonal information systems (IPIS);

b) communications between stakeholders of an IPIS project;

c) administrative and legal communications with IPIS users.

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