Critique of CensusShorts

Tribunal rejette recours d’aut…

Tribunal rejette recours d’autochtones sur constitutionalité du recensement volontaire #StatCan

Critique of CensusShorts

Court rejects native group’s…

Court rejects native group’s claim that voluntary Canadian census form is unconstitutional

Critique of CensusShorts

RT @ipsins: The best moment in Canadian democracy in 2010?: the census debate

RT @ipsins: The best moment in Canadian democracy in 2010?: the census debate |

Critique of CensusShorts

Vandalized Canadian census: si…

Vandalized Canadian census: sign of a country no longer willing to maintain itself via @marlawd

Critique of CensusShorts

Canadian census controversy wi…

Canadian census controversy will be front and centre in election year 2011:

Critique of CensusShorts

How many if been free?: « Over …

How many if been free?: “Over 700 clients bought reports from long-form census data” #opendata

Critique of CensusShorts

China pre-census surveys revea…

China pre-census surveys revealed soaring refusals to cooperate with the census #privacy

Critique of CensusShorts

Census: Canada’s Statistics …

Census: Canada’s Statistics Act: 2 bills, 1 motion, 3 court challenges /via @traceylauriault

Critique of CensusShorts

Coalition avec Conseil canadie…

Coalition avec Conseil canadien de développement social au tribunal pour le recensement

Critique of CensusShorts

Census decision heads back to …

Census decision heads back to court: coalition with Canadian Council on Social Development

Critique of CensusShorts

Census: NDP MP’s bill would pr…

Census: NDP MP’s bill would protect Chief Statistician from politicians’ interfering

Critique of CensusShorts

Long-form census replacement l…

Long-form census replacement likely to yield half as many responses: StatsCan

Critique of CensusShorts

Stats Can explains expect data…

Stats Can explains expect data quality from voluntary census survey /via @TraceyLauriault

Critique of CensusShorts

Statistiques Canada explique l…

Statistiques Canada explique la qualité anticipée des données du recensement volontaire /via @TraceyLauriault

Critique of Census

Critique of Canadian census : Introduction

The Conservative government decided that for the 2011 Canadian census, answer to the long form would no longer be mandatory, but voluntary instead. This decision provoked a sharp polarization between those determinedly for or against it.

This Critique of Census notebook attempts an open critical exploration of the many technical, social, legal and ethical issues raised by such an information production operation about a country and its population. Over the weeks and according to what makes the news, additional questions will be presented. For each of them, the answers obtained will be published, and then synthesized.


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A Quantitative Methods Professional Answers Us…

Débats - DebatesThis is a response to previous post from a professional who wrote me, but do not wish to be identified for the moment:

Quantitative methods professional

The idea that a volunteer sample reduces the reliability and the validity of data is today as accepted an idea than the one that the earth is round. […] There are many articles that deal with the extent of the bias, its reasons, the ways that can be used to circumvent these biases somehow, etc. But one can never really succeed to circumvent them.

[As for Justice Boivin’s finding] I have not read the arguments in favour of a voluntary survey and how they think they can avoid the sample biases. Of course there is uncertainty about the reliability of data from the NHS, since we have never done this exercise before. There is one certainty about the fact that the data will be biased, but it is difficult to predict in advance the extent and nature of this bias.

Increasing the number of long questionnaires will not change the bias, and nothing leads us to believe that an advertising campaign can correct the bias. The campaign could very well increase it (especially if only in the two official languages). (more…)

Critique of CensusShorts

Francophone group will not app…

Francophone group will not appeal census decision on long form

Critique of CensusShorts

Recensement: la FCFA n’ira pas…

Recensement: la FCFA n’ira pas en appel de la décision sur formulaire long

Critique of CensusShorts

Ottawa spent $1-million to tes…

Ottawa spent $1-million to test run census before abrupt Tory change to abolish long form

Critique of CensusShorts

Recensement canadien : La fin …

Recensement canadien : La fin du formulaire long, une décision de dernière minute

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